Abby Grosskopf recipient of the Outstanding Materials Student Award

Monday, Jun 5, 2017
by sclam

Abby Grosskopf, of the Chemical and Biological Engineering department, awarded PRISM’s highest undergraduate honor, the “Outstanding Materials Student Award”. This award recognizes the combined excellence in academics, research, and dedication to materials science.

Abby’s 3D printing research inspired her senior thesis entitled “A Rheological Study of Matrix Materials Used in Embedded Three-Dimensional Printing”. She thus conceived of a research project to make a systematic study of the rheology of the matrix materials and how it influences the material deformation (and plasticity) in direct-ink writing methods of 3D printing. Her advisor, Prof. Howard Stone, writes “Abby is a complete researcher, with an outstanding undergraduate academic record, a desire to succeed, a passion for research, many accomplishments in materials-related areas, including the topic of her senior thesis, the ability to ask and answer her own research questions. Her four years at Princeton have involved various material science-related courses and research projects and she has consistently performed at a high level.”  

After graduation, Abby will be pursuing a PhD at Stanford in Chemical Engineering.