Core Facilities

The Princeton Materials Institute is home to the Imaging and Analysis Center (IAC) and the Micro/Nanofabrication Center (MNFC), two large scale multi-user central research facilities at Princeton University.

With help from PMI, Matt Sillick at Paragon Pure is creating a healthy and sustainable alternative fat for food production and Princeton NuEnergy has developed a scalable method for recycling lithium-ion batteries. Many companies, from Fortune 500 firms to small startups, have benefited from the expertise and cutting-edge equipment at the Princeton Materials Institute.

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The State of New Jersey offers assistance for companies working in labs at universities across the state, including Princeton.

To find out how your company can qualify, or to learn more about the Princeton Materials Institute and its capabilities, contact PMI Executive Director Dr. Alex Norman.

Imaging and Analysis Center

The IAC, directed by Dr. Nan Yao, offers a wide range of materials and structural characterization techniques, such as scanning and transmission electron microscopy (including an environmental scanning electron microscope and cryogenic electron microscope for biological materials), focused ion beams, scanning probe microscopy, x-ray diffractions, etc. Learn more about the IAC.

Have technical questions about the IAC?

Contact Professor Nan Yao to learn how the IAC can advance your project: [email protected]

Micro/Nanofabrication Center

The MNFC provides a complete set of tools for designing, fabricating, prototyping and testing a wide range of micro and nano structures and devices, with substrates ranging from traditional silicon and compound semiconductor substrates to flexible metal and plastic foils in a cleanroom environment. The MNFC has a dedicated soft materials processing cleanroom lab as well as an external packaging lab for device integration. Learn more about the MNFC.

Have technical questions about the MNFC?

Contact Daniel Woodie to learn how the MNFC can advance your project: [email protected]

Learn more about the Packaging Lab

Contact Bert Harrop to learn how the Packaging Lab can advance your project: [email protected]

PRISM Core facilities

Both facilities are professionally staffed, offer extensive training, and are open to all members of the Princeton community as well as external users for an hourly rate.

For further information, prospective external users should contact PMI Executive Director Dr. Alex Norman.