Joint PhD Degree Program

photo of graduate students

The Princeton Materials Institute offers joint PhD degree programs with participating academic departments. Through our courses and research opportunities, the Princeton Materials Institute strives to give students a deep understanding of fundamental science and a great appreciation for technology development. Both undergraduate and graduate students alike are well-prepared for a wide variety of future career opportunities.

Students must apply to and be admitted to a specific academic department and must fulfill all departmental and joint degree requirements, including a doctoral thesis related to materials. They may apply to the program at any time after matriculating in their home department but are encouraged to do so in their first year; those wishing to pursue the joint degree should speak to their graduate administrator.

Joint PhD degree requirements are:

  • Take 3 materials courses from the approved course listing. Courses may not be taken on a Pass/D/Fail basis.
  • A PMI affiliated faculty member must be included in the dissertation committee.
  • At least one of the two General Exam topics must be materials related.
  • Dissertation must have a significant materials component as certified by the PMI program director.

Eligible departments include:


Interested students applying to any materials-related department who elect not to participate or whose department does not participate in the formal joint degree program are encouraged to participate in other Institute's activities supporting graduate education. The Institute's research facilities, industrial interaction opportunities, and seminars are open to everyone in the Princeton materials community. Students should discuss their interested with faculty in their department who are members of the Institute.

For further information, please contact Sandra Lam.