Startup Companies

The Princeton Materials Institute provides undergraduate and graduate students direct opportunities to engage with industry and explore entrepreneurship through education at the Institute. Below are some of the new start-up companies from Princeton faculty and students affiliated with the Institute.


Andluca Technologies
Andluca Technologies designs transparent, thin-film power sources that convert ultraviolet light into useful energy at the point of use. These thin-film power sources disappear into their environment to enable discreet, wireless operation of smart windows and IoT devices. Beyond buildings, our technologies are unlocking new functionalities in the automobile, aviation, military, eyewear, and medical sectors. 

Cativa CBD

Cativa CBD is a leader in science-based and nature-led CBD wellness products, teaching and inspiring clients to explore the world of CBD. At Cativa CBD, science is in our DNA. Our revolutionary company is defined by its unique relationship with laboratories and research institutions across North America, with a focus on improving the performance of CBD and creating products that do no harm to the environment.

Instrumems Inc develops innovative sensors that are based on a new sensing platform “nano-wire”, which allows measurement of temperature, velocity and humidity. Our sensors are faster, cheaper and with a smaller footprint compared with conventional measuring techniques.

Invictis Technologies
At Invictis Technologies, we build portable automatic intravenous injection devices that allow quick and reliable intravenous access for anyone, at anytime, in anyplace. Similar to how the EpiPen changed the landscape for epinephrine delivery, our device will be adopted as the new standard method for safely and easily delivering intravenous injections.

Liminal (formerly known as Feasible)
Every consumer knows the frustration of not knowing whether a household battery is fully charged or empty. It is even more problematic in industry where battery technology is essential for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, consumer electronics and many other developing areas. Feasible finds way to test battery life.

Building a photonics chip that will handle workloads needed for AI at the speed of light.

Prasili was founded in 2017 by four scientists from Princeton University. Increasingly frustrated with seeing products labeled “all natural” products that were anything but, they decided to use their labs and scientific passion for the greater good. Using patented technologies and over 100 years of collective scientific experience, our founders discovered how all all-natural ingredients, combined with cutting-edge materials science and technology, could allow Prasili to create a range of all-natural skincare products that seemlessly fit into your busy, connected life.

Tendo Technologies
Tendo is a technology company that provides innovative, economical solutions to accurate flow rate and pressure measurements that are extremely challenging to obtain. We seek to leverage the advancement and expertise in high fidelity flow measurements developed to drastically improve the fidelity of flow sensing at a significantly reduced cost.