Princeton Electrochemical Society (ECS)


Princeton University Electrochemical Society (ECS) student chapter intends to bring together the blossoming electrochemistry community on campus. With recent hires, the number of electrochemists at Princeton has more than tripled in the last four years and we believe it is time that we start to work together to broaden our understanding of the field. We host monthly research meetings where members present either on their current work or on an emergent technique of their choice to keep Princeton electrochemists current with the field. We invite speakers to campus to give students more insight into how electrochemistry is used in different fields. The support from the ECS allows us to organize other activities or send students to conferences. Notably ECS is housed in Pennington NJ so we are the closest student chapter to the national headquarter and this chapter therefore is in a fantastic location.

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Joseph Stiles


Zilai Yan

Vice President

Stephanie Dulovic