Princeton Materials Research Society (PUMRS)

Do you like matter? Do you find yourself in constant contact with objects that take up physical space and have mass? Are you dependent on solid, liquid and/or gaseous substances to live?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should join the Princeton Materials Research Society. PUMRS is an active club that sponsors field trips, course advising and nerdy fun. We are also a great resource for those considering a Materials Science and Engineering Minor. For more information, please contact PMRS.

Officers for 2024-2025
President - Lucas Chen
Vice President - Hannah Even
Secretary/Treasurer - Sonia Hasko
Outreach Chair - Sabreen Alam

Officers for 2023-2024
President - Julia Lin
Vice President - Hannah Even
Secretary - Yagiz Devre
Treasurer - Eslem Saka
Co-Outreach - Lucas Chen/Sabreen Alam

Officers for 2022-2023
Co-President - Hao Nghi Luu and Zihan Lin
Vice President - Bridget Denzer
Secretary - Stanley Cho
Treasurer - Julia Lin
Co-Outreach - Bhoomika Chowdhary and Francesca DiMare

Officers for 2021-2022
President - Hao Nghi Luu
Co-Vice President - Zihan Lin and Bhoomika Chowdhary
Secretary - Yaxin Duan
Treasurer - Loren Ormenaj
Co-Outreach - Bridget Denzer and Francesca DiMare
Logistics/Planning Chair - Stanley Cho

Officers for 2021
President - Kim Lu
Vice President - Cristian Ruano Arena
Secretary - Gabrielle D'Arcangelo
Treasurer - Cameron Khan
Co-Outreach - Zihan Lin and Hao Nghi Luu

Officers for 2020
President - Linda Pucurimay
Co-Vice President - Cristian Ruano Arena and Kim Lu
Secretary - Gabrielle D'Arcangelo
Treasurer - Cameron Khan
Co-Outreach - Zihan Lin and Hao Nghi Luu

Officers for 2019-2020
President - Olivia Long
Co-Vice President - Sarah Schneider and Hoang Le
Secretary - Nina Onyemeziem
Treasurer - Gerald Huang
Events Coordinator - Walker Stamps

Officers for 2018
President - Anushka Dasgupta
Vice-President - Abhiram Karuppur
Secretary/Treasurer - Robert Buline

Officers for 2017
Co-President - Omkar Shende and Heidi Miller
Vice President - Danielle Coates
Treasurer - Jason Mulderrig
Secretary - Anushka Dasgupta

Officers for 2016
President - Cecilia Stoner
Co-Vice President - Isabella Grabski and Heidi Miller
Secretary/Treasurer - Omkar Shende
Publicity/Design - Sarah Wang

Officers for 2014-2015
President - Michael Wang
Co-Vice President - Bristee Das
Co-Vice President/Secretary - Melina Acevedo
Treasurer - Lawrence Yu

Officers for 2013-2014
Co-President - Nigel Brauser and Tamara Pico
Vice President - David Harris
Secretary/Treasurer - Trevor Bailey

Officers for 2012-2013
President - Ha-Kyung Kwon
Co-Vice President - Katie Yang and Tamara Pico
Secretary - Karen Wang
Treasurer - Nigel Brauser

Officers for 2011-2012
Co-President - Anu Khan and Atray Dixit
Vice President - Audrey Zak
Secretary/Treasurer - Lindsey Brown

Officers for 2010-2011
Co-President - Katherine Song and Rachel Yu
Co-Vice President/In-Reach - Lindsey Brown
Co-Vice President/Out-Reach - Atray Dixit
Secretary - Nadia Tsao
Treasurer - Kevin Chou

Officers for 2009-2010
President - Katie Friedman
Vice-President - Rachel Yu
Secretary - Katherine Song
Treasurer - Nadia Tsao
Events Coordinator - Andrew Tsavaris
Webmaster - Christine Lai

Officers for 2008-2009
Co-President - Sharon Goswami and Jason Kawasaki
Secretary - Ambrose Carr
Treasurer - Ashwin Atre
Events/Outreach Coordinator - Katie Friedman
Webmaster - Anita Ma

Officers for 2007-2008
President - Kelly Wagner
Vice Minister - Daniel Cohen
Secretary - Haoqian Chen
Treasurer - Jason Kawasaki
Events Coordinator - Sharon Goswami


Chief editor: Zihan Lin 23'
Associate editor: Hao Nghi Luu 23'
Associate editor: Julia Lin 25'
Associate editor: Colin Brown 24'

photo of students

Liquid Nitrogen ice cream study break

photo of PUMRS students

From left: Danielle Coates, Anushka Dasgupta, Omkar Shende

photo of students at Shiseido field trip

Shiseido field trip