Princeton Optical Society (OSA)


  • Foster dialogue and learning about optics though a monthly journal club with graduate students at Princeton University.
  • Prepare students for conferences and the workplace though workshops for professional development.
  • Pursue engineering solutions for challenges through team optical engineering projects.
  • Network with local industry and communities to provide opportunities for collaborations and professional opportunities for students in the future.
  • Continue outreach events at Princeton and in the community. (Participating in existing programs such as Young Women’s Conference held by PPPL and YSAP held by MIRTHE+.  Bridge new connections with local public schools to excite young scholars about optics and pursing careers in STEM).

Events and Activities

  • July 2017: The OSA Student Chapter journal club meeting.
    MIRTHE alumni, Sabbir Liakat, currently a scientist at Princeton Identity, Inc., led the meeting and spoke about using optics for biometric identification. See Abstract of his talk and photos from the meeting.
  • June 2017: The OSA Student Chapter held first student journal club at Princeton.

photo of Alex Werth

Alexandra Werth, President

photo of Levi Golston

Levi Golston, Vice President

photo of Michelle Zhang

Michelle Zhang, Journal Club Leader

photo of Yasin Kaya

Yasin Kaya, Secretary

photo of Yifeng Chen

Yifeng Chen, Outreach Officer

photo of Cheyenne Teng

Cheyenne Teng, Collaborative Project Manager

Please let us know if you would like to be part of the OSA Student Chapter or have any suggestions for programs and collaborations. We are excited for all the new events in the year to come.