MSE Minor Program

undergraduate students in auditorium

The Undergraduate Minor Program in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is offered by the Princeton Materials Institute (PMI) and its eight affiliated departments. The program emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the study of materials and the engineering application of their properties. The program is designed for students in science and engineering departments who are considering careers that will include the exploration and exploitation of materials. Participants in the program will take courses in their own department together with a group of materials science courses chosen from a selected list offered by the participating departments. Satisfactory completion of the program is recognized by the award of a certificate in materials science and engineering upon graduation.

In addition to formal courses, the MSE program coordinates many informal fun events related to the world of materials. These include:

  • Open Houses - learn how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream.
  • Annual blacksmith event - hammer a keepsake.
  • Field trips to key institutions - Metropolitan Museum of Art, DuPont, Shiseido Cosmetics Factory, ExxonMobil, Bent Spoon.
  • Outreach volunteer opportunities - science fair judges, science and engineering expo, etc.
  • Study breaks - informal lunch or dinner with faculty.