Program Courses

MSE 302 Solar Field Tour

photo of a solar field trip

MSE undergraduate courses that may be used to satisfy program requirements are listed below. The actual courses selected for a coherent program of study will be determined in conjunction with the student's departmental and program adviser.

Core Materials Course (choose one)
MSE 301 Materials Science and Engineering [SPRING]
MAE 324 Structure and Properties of Materials [FALL]
CEE 364  Materials in Civil Engineering [SPRING]

Experimental Methods Course (choose one)
MSE 302  Laboratory Techniques in Materials Science and Engineering [FALL]
MSE 505 Characterization of Materials [SPRING]
CHM 371 Experimental Chemistry [FALL]
ECE 308 Electronic and Photonic Devices [FALL]

Approved Electives
(take 3 courses in at least 2 different areas)

Numerical Methods
APC  321 Numerical Methods
APC 350  Introduction to Differential Equations
CEE 361  Matrix Structural Analysis and Introduction to Finite-Elements Methods
MAE 305 Mathematics in Engineering I
MAE 306 Mathematics in Engineering II
ORF 309  Probability and Stochastic Systems
ORF 409  Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation

Chemical and Biological Engineering
CBE 415  Polymers
CBE 422  Molecular Modeling Methods
CBE 430 Squishy Engineering: Using Soft Materials to Solve Hard Problems
CBE 433  Introduction to the Mechanics and Dynamics of Soft Living Matter

CHM 301 Organic Chemistry I: Biological Emphasis
CHM 302 Organic Chemistry II: With Biological Emphasis
CHM 304 Organic Chemistry II: Foundations of Chemical Reactivity and Synthesis
CHM 305 The Quantum World
CHM 403 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHM 405 Advanced Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics
CHM 411 Inorganic Chemistry: Structure and Reactivity
CHM 412 Inorganic Chemistry: Structure and Materials

Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEE 312 Statics of Structures
CEE 345 Origami Engineering
CEE 365 Soil Mechanics

Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 341 Solid-State Devices
ECE 342 Principles of Quantum Engineering
ECE 351 Electromagnetic Field Theory and Physical Optics

Thermodynamics Course (choose one)
CBE 246   Thermodynamics [SPRING]
CHM 306 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics, Molecular Simulations and Kinetics [SPRING]
CHM 406 Advanced Physical Chemistry: Chemical Dynamics and Thermodynamics [SPRING]
ECE 342   Principles of Quantum Engineering [SPRING]
MAE 221 Thermodynamics [FALL]
PHY 301  Thermal Physics [FALL]


Electrical and Computer Engineering (continue)
ECE 431 Solar Energy Conversion
ECE 441 Solid-State Physics I
ECE 442 Solid-State Physics II
ECE 449 Micro-Nanofabrication and Thin-Film Processing
ECE 453 Optical and Quantum Electronics
ECE 461 Design with Nanotechnologies

GEO 363 Environmental Geochemistry: Chemistry of the Natural Systems
GEO 369 Environmental Materials Chemistry: Researching in Field and Laboratory
GEO 372 Rocks
GEO 378 Mineralogy
GEO 419 Physics and Chemistry of Earth's Interior

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MAE 344 Biomechanics and Biomaterials: From Cells to Organisms

Molecular Biology
MOL 348 Cell and Developmental Biology

PHY 304 Advanced Electromagnetism
PHY 305 Introduction to the Quantum Theory
PHY 312 Experimental Physics
PHY 405 Modern Physics I: Condensed-Matter Physics
PHY 408 Modern Classical Dynamics

Graduate courses open to undergraduates by petition