GPEC Award

The Global Photonic Energy Corporation Edith and Martin B. Stein Solar Energy Innovation Award (GPEC), established in 2004, recognizes contributions relating to the science, technology, and societal issues associated with solar energy. The award is given jointly by the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials and the Princeton Environmental Institute. The award is supported by the Global Photonic Energy Corporation.

Year Student Advisor
2011 Andrew Mills A. Bocarsly
2010 David Kwabi W. Soboyejo
2009 Mark Smith G. Dismukes/S. Pacala
2008 Peter Curtin S. Bernhard
2007 Charles Clarkson (co-winner) S. Kulkarni/C. Rowley
2007 Elizabeth Dooley (co-winner) H. Feiveson
2006 Cecilia Muldoon (co-winner) R. Austin
2006 Tyler Brown (co-winner) C. Dismukes
2005 William Hudson S. Bernhard


photo of Dr. Robert L'Esperance with Andrew Mills '11

Dr. Robert L'Esperance with Andrew Mills '11