Central Facilities

PRISM operates two large scale multi-user central research facilities. These are the Micro/Nano Fabrication Laboratory (MNFL) and the Imaging and Analysis Center (IAC).

The MNFL, directed by Dr. Ian Harvey, provides a complete set of tools for designing, fabricating, prototyping and testing a wide range of micro and nano structures and devices, with substrates ranging from traditional silicon and compound semiconductor substrates to flexible metal and plastic foils.

The IAC, directed by Dr. Nan Yao, complements the MNFL with a wide range of material and structural characterization techniques, such as scanning and transmission electron microscopy (including an environmental scanning electron microscope for biological materials), focused ion beams, scanning probe microscopy, x-ray diffractions, etc.

Both facilities are professionally staffed, offer extensive training, and are open to all members of the Princeton community as well as external users. For further information, contact PRISM Entrepreneurial Liaison, Joe Montemarano or call 609.258.2267.