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MNFL Tool Maint & Repair Tech

The overall function of this position is to provide support and training for the research and teaching effort of the faculty, researchers and students in a multi-discipline research and education program, utilizing the instrumentation and capabilities available in the cleanroom.

The duties include but are not limited to:
Provide support and guidance for center’s daily operation,  maintain instruments in electronic, pneumatic, mechanical, electromechanical, RF power, vacuum, plasma reactors, thermal and plasma deposition processes, laser direct patterning tools, as well as back-end processing instruments (bonding, dicing), in all functions such as pneumatic, high-purity gas handling, electronic, ultra high vacuum, RF, electromechanical and robotic. Repairs computers and control electronics associated with the operation of such tools. Designs and builds UL/CE compliant electronics to interrupt key instrument functions.

Works independently to keep the ~100 pieces of instruments (value over $67M) and infrastructure of the PRISM Cleanroom operational, and to support faculty, researchers and students in their research efforts. Works with process engineers by assessing process performance trends and pro-actively performing preventive maintenance or troubleshooting. This includes tool inspection, diagnostics, tear down, full reassembly and documentation of effort for future reference. 

Creates, defines and maintains the systems that determine frequency of preventive maintenance, documents operations of maintenance and troubleshooting.  Documents and tracks tool age, use history, PM schedule and procedures, and maintains the documented institutional memory of tool repair successes and failures. Manages and supervises staff who will provide daily and weekly instrument health and process checks.

Responsible for cleanroom process and infrastructure oversight, troubleshooting and modification.  The incumbent will have a broad capability for troubleshooting tools used for microfabrication: vacuum and RF plasma-based thin film deposition and patterning including backend and lithography equipment. Performs vacuum leak checking and plasma diagnostics using optical spectrophotometers. Implements replacements to oil based vacuum pumps currently contaminating the facility.

Oversees facility shutdowns and maintenance schedules with operations manager, instrument owners, Building manager, central and SEAS facility managers and Cleanroom Director.

Manages equipment installations by working with colleagues to ensure proper installation conditions, rig and move the tool to the use location, complete final connections, start-up and test. Manages troubleshooting during qualification.  Manages de-installation, rigging and crating of obsolete tools and arranges for re-use or disposal.  Must have a broad contact list of external resources.

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