Materials Science and Engineering Class Day 2022

On Monday, May 23, twenty students graduated from the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Program. The MSE Class of 2022 included students from Chemical and Biological Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Chemistry. The future plans of the students range from graduate school at Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt, internship/fellowship at NREL, Environmental Defense Fund and Pentagon to working at Exxon and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Class Day 2022

Prof. Arnold and Grace Wei '22

Grace Wei, of the Chemical and Biological Engineering department, awarded the Princeton Institute of Materials highest undergraduate honor, the ‘Outstanding Materials Student Award’. This award recognizes the combined excellence in academics, research, and dedication to materials science.

Grace’s thesis entitled ‘Ion Transport in Two-Dimensional Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites’ presents a novel computational and experimental investigation into ion transport phenomena in so-called “two-dimensional" hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite materials (2D HOIPs). Her thesis represents a tour de force that synthesizes a gamut of molecular simulation techniques, machine learning, materials preparation and characterization, and electrochemical characterization. Grace’s advisor, Prof. Michael Webb writes ‘Grace has really managed to perform two senior theses in one year, and yet they are not separate stories but comprise a coherently combined and convergent narrative about an intriguing class of energy relevant materials. She worked as independently and effectively as my most senior graduate student, and I look forward to future fantastic work as she pursues her PhD in Materials Science with Gerd Ceder at UC Berkeley.”

Nicholas Thielsen, of the Civil and Environmental Engineering department, awarded the Princeton Institute of Materials “Outstanding Senior Thesis Award” in recognition of outstanding senior thesis work in materials.

Class Day 2022

Prof. Arnold and Nick Thielsen '22

Nick’s thesis entitled ‘The Effect of Circular Arc Tapers on Strength of Timber Beams End-Notched on the Tension Face’ studies the relationship between the arc of curved tapers and shear strength in timber beams end-notched on the tension face. The culmination of the work is proposed change in codes to encompass circular arc tapers as end-notch parts of timber beams. His advisor, Prof. Branko Glisic writes ‘Mr. Thielsen who is well educated and friendly person, available and ready to help at any moment, making an intellectually stimulating, agreeable and relax ambiance when working with him. He largely encompasses the high qualities that MSE Senior Theis Award stands for; therefore, I recommend him strongly, emphatically, and without reservation.’

After graduation, Nick will be pursuing dual degrees in Civil Engineering and Wood Science at Oregon State University.