Steve Lyon appointed Associate Director for Core Research Facilities

Oct. 14, 2021

The Princeton Institute of Materials (PIM) is proud to announce the appointment of Professor Stephen Lyon, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Director of Program in Engineering Physics, as the Associate Director for Core Research Facilities (ADCRF). The growth of materials research on our campus has led to the expansion of both the Micro and Nano Fabrication Center (MNFC) and the Imaging and Analysis Center (IAC) over the past several years. As ADCRF, Professor Lyon will be primarily responsible for helping to ensure our MNFC continues to meet the needs of our growing user base in micro, nano, and quantum fabrication.

Professor Lyon is a World expert in applied physics, photonics, and quantum information. His research has focused on various aspects of semiconductor and device physics, including studying defects at the silicon/silicon dioxide interface, measuring hot carrier relaxation in III-V semiconductors with CW and ultrafast optical probes, and examining the mid-infrared properties of quantum wells and self-assembled quantum dots.   Professor Lyon’s current research is centered on designing and constructing quantum devices and systems utilizing the spin of electrons for quantum computing, quantum simulation, and quantum sensing applications.

“I am thrilled that Steve will be the associate director” said Craig Arnold, Susan Dod Brown Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Director of the Princeton Institute of Materials.  “As I have witnessed the growth of our core research centers into their new spaces with a corresponding growth in users and staff, now is a critical time to ensure that we are effective in our management and anticipating the growing needs of our community. With Steve on board, I look forward to ushering in a new chapter for the facilities in our Institute.”