Cecilia Stoner winner of the Outstanding Leadership Award

Monday, Jun 5, 2017
by sclam

Cecilia Stoner, of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award in Materials. Cecilia’s senior thesis entitled “Design and Analysis of Tunable Phononic Structures” explores the experimental design of tunable phononic structures, where band gaps of highly deformable elastic structures can be tuned by external load. Band gaps are regions of frequencies of soundwaves, which cannot propagate through a given elastic structure. The location of band gaps in frequency spectrum depends on the material, the geometry and the applied external load. Cecilia was also a leader of the Princeton Materials Research Society where she served as President. She has helped spearheaded a number of successful events, including study breaks, open houses, Princeton Communiversity festival and our most popular annual blacksmith event.  Her advisor, Prof. Andrej Košmrlj writes, “Cecilia represents the core of the undergraduate materials society. Cecilia is a bright, motivated and very independent student. She is extremely kind, very mature and organized. Cecilia’s influence goes beyond the materials community and the Princeton University.”

After graduation, Cecilia will be pursuing a Masters in Materials Science at University of Virginia while working at NASA Langley Research Center.