Michael Wang is the recipient of the Outstanding Leadership in Materials Award

Wednesday, Jun 1, 2016
by sclam

Michael Wang, from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department, is the recipient of the Outstanding Leadership in Materials Award. Michael has been a tireless leader of the Princeton Materials Research Society where he served as President for two years. He has helped spearhead a number of successful activities, such as the blacksmith event, open houses, and study breaks, and have made many contributions to the Materials Science and Engineering community on campus. In addition to his dedication, he excels academically. He has co-authored two published papers and is on track to have one or two first author publications by the end of this year. His advisor, Prof. Dan Steingart writes “Mike has greatly impressed me with his dedication to science and his intelligence and dedication to helping others. He masters new techniques and complex projects extremely quickly due to his truly exceptional abilities”. Michael will be pursuing a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at UMichigan in Ann Arbor after graduation.