Sarah Wang receives the Outstanding Materials Student Award

Monday, Jun 4, 2018

Sarah Wang, of the Chemical and Biological Engineering department, awarded PRISM’s highest undergraduate honor, the “Outstanding Materials Student Award”. This award recognizes the combined excellence in academics, research, and dedication to materials science.

Sarah’s thesis research entitled ‘Characterizing the effects of magnesium content and carbonation on the pore structure of alkali-activated slags’ focuses on determination of the sub-micron pore structure in alkali-activated slag (a type of sustainable cement) and the impact of carbonation (exposure to CO2) on the pore network. Her advisor, Prof. Claire White, writes ‘Sarah is an exceptionally bright and clever individual, who has achieved excellence in her academic work and in the research laboratory. In recognition of her achievements to date, and her research promise in the area of materials science, Sarah was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.’

Outside of the classroom and research, Sarah has actively participated in extracurricular events. She is the only undergraduate who served as a member on the IAC User Committee; she is the lead designer of the new IAC brochure; she was also a Princeton Materials Research Society Officer and the designer of the 2017 and 2018 Class Day shirts.

After graduation, Sarah will be pursuing a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley.