Engaging with the Institute

The Princeton Materials Institute engages with external partners through two routes; These are through access to our (1) Core Facilities, and/or (2) participation in the Affiliates Program.

For use of the Institute's Core Facilities, the Service Agreement route provides a cost-effective entry point for companies and external academic partners. 

Alternatively, the Affiliates Program, which can be availed through the Membership Agreement route provides a deeper connection with additional benefits and means of engagement with the Institute in addition to access to the Core Facilities.

Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Appointment as Princeton Visiting Research Collaborators.
  • Short courses, workshops, annual review.
  • Staff expertise in prototyping and technology transfer.
  • Expert assistance with joint proposals to funding agencies.
  • Assistance with access to students involved in the Institute's research programs facilitated through the director's office.
  • Assistance with access to the Institute's faculty and staff in order to make appropriate linkages for solving technical problems or in submitting joint proposals to various funding agencies  (see Proposal and Project Administration section).
  • Rapid access to new technologies developed in the Institute.
  • Receipt of announcements of the Institute's activities such as the Annual Review, Institute-sponsored technical programs and seminars, and access to information on course listings of materials-related curricula.
  • All affiliates are assigned faculty liaisons to insure close connections on a technical level.
  • The opportunity to designate employees as Institute's visiting collaborators and researchers to work on-site with the Institute's faculty, as a means of obtaining firsthand access to new technologies being developed in our laboratories.

Beyond these membership benefits, members of the Princeton Institute of Materials may be invited to serve on ad hoc panels that guide the direction and evolution of research and tech transfer initiatives.

For more details about the Princeton Institute of Materials Affiliates Program, please contact the Institute's Business Manager, Raphael Aryeetey, [email protected].