A key attribute of PRISM is the creation of an environment for faculty from diverse scientific disciplines to collaboratively pursue interdisciplinary research and education challenges. The following list of PRISM faculty members exemplifies the broad and diverse scientific disciplines which are brought together through activities made possible by PRISM.

Associated Faculty

Sigrid M. Adriaenssens
Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Director, Program in Mechanics, Materials and Structures.
Craig B. Arnold
Susan Dod Brown Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Director, Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials.
Robert H. Austin
Professor of Physics
Ravindra N. Bhatt
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Andrew B. Bocarsly
Professor of Chemistry



Emeritus Faculty

Ilhan A. Aksay
Pomeroy and Betty Perry Smith Professor in Engineering, Emeritus
Philip W. Anderson
Joseph Henry Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Jay B. Benziger
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Emertus.
Steven L. Bernasek
Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Emily A. Carter
Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment, Emeritus. Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Applied and Computational Mathematics, Emeritus.