Administrative Staff

Soonoo P. Aria
MRSEC Grants Manager, Princeton Center for Complex Materials (PCCM)
Raphael L. Aryeetey
Grants and Business Manager
Alison Coakley
Grants Manager
Alexandra L. Cox
Grants and Purchasing Coordinator
Wendy Fang
Facility Financial Manager

Research and Technical Staff

Roman Akhmechet
MNFL Senior Research Specialist
Kirk W. Baldwin
Senior Research Specialist II
David S. Barth
MNFL Senior Research Specialist
Paul Cole
MNFL Infrastructure Manager and Chemical/Materials Specialist
Brien J. Ely
MNFL Tool Maintenance and Repair Technician

Postdoctoral and Research Associates

Camilo Florian Baron
PRISM Visiting Fellow
Navid Bizmark
PCCM Postdoctoral Research Associate
Pengcheng Chen
IAC Associate Research Scholar
Guangming Cheng
IAC Postdoctoral Research Associate
Christie S. Chiu
PCCM Postdoctoral Research Associate