Outstanding Materials Student Award

PRISM's highest undergraduate honor, the 'Outstanding Materials Student Award' recognizes the combined excellence in academics, research, and dedication to materials science. The award is supported by PRISM.

Year              Student                                                  Advisor                       
2019 Emily Abdo R. Register
2018 Sarah Wang C. White
2017 Abigail Grosskopf H. Stone
2016 Zachary Schiffer (co-winner) C. Arnold
2016 Kevin Silmore (co-winner) A. Panagiotopoulos
2015 Helen Yao R. Register
2014 Beatrice Soh H. Stone
2013 Ha-Kyung Kwon R. Register
2012 Adam Jaffe A. Bocarsly
2011 Katherine Song S. Wagner/N. Verma
2010 Jeffrey Campbell (co-winner) T. Kaufmann/G. Scherer
2010 Andrew Tsavaris (co-winner) A. Panagiotopoulos
2009 Ashwin Atre C. Arnold
2008 Brett Nitchke (co-winner) R. Cava
2008 Dave Uppal (co-winner) J. Link/R. Prud'homme
2007 Julian Hertz (co-winner) R. Cava
2007 Hiroaki Sai (co-winner) I. Aksay
2006 Cole DeForest  


Craig Arnold and Emily Abdo

Prof. Arnold and Emily Abdo '19

Craig Arnold and Sarah Wang '18

Prof. Arnold and Sarah Wang '18

Craig Arnold and Abby Grosskopf

Prof. Arnold and Abigail Grosskopf '17